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Thanks to Rich Hillard, Dana Bredemeyer, Nancy Teich, Jose Ruben Campos Alfaro, Steve Rodgers and Clayton Sprung for contributing to this list
Cornerstone Technical Architecture
Data, Plans, Policy & Architecture
Information Technology Architectures
IT Architecture Framework Introduction
Enterprise Architecture
TDAN Tom Finneran - Enterprise Architecture
Army Enterprise Strategy
September 1999 Features Building Enterprise Architecture
Enterprise Initiative
Visual Enterprise Architecture Planning description
META Group, Inc.
IBM Global Services - Managing your Enterprise Architecture - Are You Ready
Links to Software Architecture Sites
Distributed-Collaborative Enterprise Architectures
Architecture Tools Symposium - Agenda
AT&T GIS Endorses TAM's Architecture Methodology
RJC - Enterprise Architecture - Information Technology Architecture Development
A Framework to Define a Generic Enterprise Reference Architecture and Methodology
Enterprise Architecture Services
Impl. Plan Chapter 1
The Zachman Framework An Overview
ITEC KSTA Architecture Primer -  State of Kansas Information Technology Executive Council
Architecture-Centered Development or Bust
Designing an IJIS Architecture
DMR-Technology Infrastructure Architecture
Architecting Architecture - Giga View - CIO Magazine April 15, 1998
Information Technology Architecture
ITMRA -- IT Architecture
Duke University Architecture Planning Process
IT Architecture Groups
DoC IT Architecture Efforts
CAMS Project
From Architecture to Reality
A New Information Architecture
Pinkerton Scientific - Architecture
PP Presentation
An Information Technology (IT) Architecture for ITD
Curriculum Model - IT Architecture
Year 2000 Project Management
Headquarters Information Architecture Project
Defining a Flexible IT Architecture
Architecture Portal
Air Force CIO - IT Responsibilities - Architecture
itmWEB Information Technology & Systems Management
A attempt (and a good one) at becoming a single source for IT Management questions, techniques and other material
IT architecture, lessons learned
From Clayton Sprung, a humorous look at IT architecture.
Clayton Sprung Homepage
Clayton is a Consultant
IEEE Architecture Working Group
IEEE Standards Site for Software Architecture
Software Architecture, Software Architects, and Architecting
This is a very nice Software Architecture site
TAFIM has been retired from service, this is the repository for the work to date, Version 4

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