Test Repository


  1. Vision 06/27/97
  2. Mission06/27/97
  3. Cultural Principles06/27/97
  4. Structural Principles06/27/97

ITA Principles

  1. Infrastructure Architecture Principles06/27/97
  2. Data Architecture Principles06/27/97
  3. Application Architecture Principles06/27/97
  4. Organization Architecture Principles06/27/97

White Papers

  1. Overview of Information Technology06/27/97
  2. ITA Architecture: Reference Model06/27/97
  3. Network Functional Services Model06/27/97
  4. Security White Paper
  5. INS Network Analysis - Campus Network Diagrams
  6. Network Equipment Buy List (Jerry Enfield)
  7. PC Workstation Standards
  8. PC Software Standards


Project Charters

  1. EOS Configurations
  2. SOHO

Architecture Papers

  1. Closet Specifications
  2. Wiring Specifications
  3. NT Architecture
  4. Enterprise Support Model


  1. Team Architectural Requirements
  2. Who to Contact for New connections
  3. Strategic Plan (pointers and references) Other site's whte papers
  4. Making Connections- University of Pennsylvania Futures White Paper
  5. Visions of the National Information Infrastructure (NII): Ten Scenarios
  6. An Architectural Framework for the National Information Infrastructure

Internet Pointers

  1. Reference Material06/27/97
  2. Government Architectures06/27/97
  3. Educational Institutions Archiutectures06/27/97
  4. Miscellaneous Architectures06/27/97
  5. Search Engines
Comments: This is temproary page to see what I have developed.
It will disappear as soon as I get the final version and have moved to the organizations Intranet.
All the pages pointed to, in production mode, will have a footer associated with
each to indicate date of the paper author and who to contact for more information.
If anyone is reading this and would like me to keep a copy accessible on the
Internet, please let me know. Organization specific information will need to
be deleted, but I could try to keep them parallel.
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