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The Architecture Discipline

What: Architecture

How: Architecting

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Architecture Training


Books Related to Software Architecture

We have collected together a list of books that may be useful to you as an architect or architecture program manager. We have organized by them by topics relevant to architecting. When we are particularly impressed with a book, we mark it as "Highly Recommended". 

Architecture Topics

Software Architecture Architecture Patterns
System Architecture Service-oriented Architecture
Enterprise Architecture Architects
Forthcoming: Software Architecture Action Guide, by Ruth Malan and Dana Bredemeyer.

Related Topics

Software Engineering Architect Skillset
Components Consulting
Distributed and Real-Time Systems Leadership, Teams and Communication
Patterns Modeling and Problem Solving
Object-Oriented Strategy
Requirements and Use Cases Organizational Politics, Networks, and Influence
Reuse and Product Platforms
Software Development Architecture Metaphors
UML Building Architecture
Software Engineering James Madison and the US Constitution

General Interest


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